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With Dragon on your mobile and CE devices…

Dragon understands what you say…

Dragon understands what you mean…

And now…with Dragon ID, Dragon understands who you are!

Say ‘goodbye’ to the days of ‘fat-finger’ mistakes and cryptic passwords you can’t ever remember.

With Dragon ID – your voice IS your password.

Sounds like something from the movies, right? Well, not anymore. Dragon ID is available TODAY supporting a growing roster of languages around the globe!

So, how’s it work?

Using Dragon ID throughout your day is as easy as 1, 2, 3…for example;

Good Morning! Say ‘Hello Dragon’ to wake up your phone and access your email, calendar, music and everything that you want!
Lunch Break! Say ‘My Voice is My Password’ to pay online and bypass altogether that long line to pay!
Family Fun Time! Say ‘Open Sesame’ and that Android tablet your family shares will know exactly who you are and launch your personalized home screen with your favorite apps, games in progress and other preferred content. Same goes for everyone else in the family when it’s their turn!

How To Use

See it in action

Take a look at how easy to use Dragon ID can be.