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Imagine - one app access to everything you want on the mobile web! That's Dragon Go! You just say what you want and Dragon Go! not only hears what you say – it also understands what you want!


If You Can Say It, Dragon Can Play It


Simply say “Madmen.” Dragon Go will find it, and even start playing it for you.

With Spotify integration, all your favorite songs and artists are just a few words away.

Dragon Go! and radio integration is music to your ears.

Feeling Social?

You can share your Dragon Go! results via an easy-to-use pop-up toolbar featuring link share options across email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and now Google+.

Easily share via the social tool bar pop-up

Tweet websites directly within the app. No app switching necessary.

Going out? Send an email to start planning your evening.

How To Use

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Take a look at how easy to use Dragon Go! can be.

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Have questions? Take a look through our support section for Frequently Asked Questions, tips, and related videos to help you get the most out of Dragon Go!

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